New eCommerce Frontier Entrepreneurs Need to Embrace 4 Pillars

  1. Video marketing at its peak
    Ecommerce Marketing once revolved around text and copy, then it gradually became Image-based, now video marketing is taking center stage as the main medium for on-site marketing for eCommerce businesses. This was always the destination of on-site marketing and product reviews and in 2021, we just might see it take over the mainstream. Creating the perfect on-site experience is critical to eCommerce businesses’ success and is an important determinant to the final sales numbers. Product videos are comprehensive in nature without feeling bulky or tedious. They bring storytelling to life while offering a comprehensive view of the product in action and answering customer questions all in one go. When done right Product Videos are a combination of Marketing, Reviews, and Answers to FAQs.

The statistics now tilt overwhelmingly in the favor of video marketing, making it impossible to ignore the new frontier of eCommerce. People are 4 times more likely to watch a product video than read a product description
73% of consumers are more likely to go ahead in purchasing a product after watching a video of it in action. Bounce rate falls dramatically on websites that feature product videos, with the average visitor session time increasing by over 340% Watching Product videos make consumers more confident about their purchase, according to 52% of shoppers.
These numbers reveal one clear truth, Video Marketing is going to define e-commerce for this decade and probably beyond.

Voice commerce has become a defining force

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