Flipkart faced a major tech glitch on its site & mobile app

Flipkart seemed to face a major technical glitch on Monday, with all products on its website and mobile app being listed as unavailable.

While the company managed to solve the problem and brought the site back to normal running, some sellers said the error remained for over 30 minutes, which they said was “huge” in terms of sales.

Flipkart did not comment on the glitch and did not respond to queries about the impact on sales from such glitches.

“We can just hope that it was a connectivity issue between the application servers and database servers,” a seller from Bangalore said. “If it has affected their inventory data structure, it will have a huge impact on inventory stored and will need recalculation.”

Some people also raised the issue on Twitter on Monday about the products not being available on Flipkart. Flipkart faced a major tech glitch on its site & mobile app

 URL Link-https://retail.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/e-commerce/e-tailing/flipkart-faced-a-major-tech-glitch-on-its-site-mobile-app/62023505

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